Professionals with G.

The founding professionals of Wh were selected by Google to digitize Italian SMEs: a project called “Digital Eccellences ” 2014-2015-2016.

Hhybrid from birth, dynamic by nature.

Wh is a JobTech Company that has been carrying out ICT & Digital projects and tasks with hybrid and smart working methods since 2015.

In 2018 Wh was included in the book
“G Factor. Storie di imprese che crescono con Google”

Where you can find us:

A firm with a
future-oriented vision!

We are facing an increasingly dynamic world in which organisations put people at the centre – with their attitudes, desires and interests – and to do so, they seek automation, technology and delegation.

Two keywords:
artificial intelligence and human resources.

We have allocated R&D expenses to WhpAI: a product for strategic recruiting and HR data intelligence based on artificial intelligence.

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