What is WH

Innovation in Smart Working
Social impact
WH is a digital and decentralized native IT & Professional Services firm.

WH is the innovative search solution
of the best Tech & Creative professionals
for flexible and smart jobs.

WH is a modern vision
of the world of work.

WH is the digital platform where companies can gather the best team and
entrust WH with the management and execution of outsourced Tech & Creative projects.

WH is the place where digital services professionals
can find the best job opportunities that match their skills, attitudes and ambitions.

WH is the technology and the human factor
that together outline the new ways of working flexible, inclusive and smart.

Being WH means being:

Different, Efficient, Innovative

WH is a guarantee of professionals' skills.
WH is the innovative method of remote project execution and team management.
WH takes the best of each model but has not their weaknesses.

Classic business
of digital services
Traditional model, workforce saturation, production capacity maximization.

Search for the best value for money for both supply and demand.

Ownward price competition, simple presentation of available professionals.

Social impact, key pillars

A new way of working by providing value-added digital services,
thanks to an agile, flexible, merit-based and continually evolving ecosystem

Human capital

  • Individuals valorization
  • WH community and inclusivity
  • Development of distinctive skills
  • Greater happiness of the people

Social capital

  • Innovation enabler
  • Reducing the gender gap
  • Dissemination of an inclusive and digital work culture
  • Forerunners in remote working policies
  • Search for the best socio-economic/territory ratio

Economic capital

  • Meritocracy and fair remunerations
  • Inclusive job opportunities independent of time and place
  • Increased productivity
  • Resilience to crises (no interruption of services thanks to real smart working)

Natural capital

  • Reduced environmental impact:
  • < travel, < CO2 emissions, < offices
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